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What is it?

Diabetic foot syndrome is ulcer, infection and destruction of deep tissues of foot, that people ill with sugar diabetes can get. It is caused by neurologic abnormalities and decreasing of bloodstream through arteries of lower extremities (feet).

Sugar diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is characterized by metabolic derangements that is connected with absolute or relative insufficiency of insulin production.

Foot ulcers, which are casually referred to as foot sores or foot blisters, are open sores or wounds that most often occur on the bottom of the foot, and are a common problem in diabetic foot care. If left untreated, these foot ulcer can often become infected and may eventually lead to amputation.

More than 1.5 million people in Ukraine are ill with sugar diabetes.
18-20% of them are suffering from diabetic foot syndrome.

diabetic foot ulcer treatment

Successful treatment of diabetic foot syndrome means:
- etiopatogenesis determination
- lesion depth determination
- use of different methods of medical and surgical treatment

Prescription of appropriate conservative treatment helps to stop evalution of purulo-necrotic process and to take deferred or planned surgical procedure with the saving of support ability of foot.

The following checkups are to be taken:
1. Radiography of the both feet.
2. Universal clinical and biochemical tests.
3. Checkings of the wound microflora and microflora's antibiotic susceptibility.
4. Inspection of the trophic ulcer.
5. Determination of vibratory, temperature and tactile sensetiveness of the diabetic foot.
6. Ultrasound imaging of the arteries of the feet.
7. Endocrinologist's consultation.
8. Ophthalmologist's consultation.

The main tasks of the treatment are:
• Enlargement of the range of the surgical help types, effective application of the new achievements and medical technologies in the syndrome treatment.
• Purposeful and coordinated work on determination, treatment and rehabilitation of the ill with sugar diabetes having complications on the feet.
• Decreasing of the amount of “high” amputation
• Reduction of the time of the temporary incapacity of the ill people.

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Book of diabetic foot syndrome diagnostics and treatment recommendation are done in Kherson Center.

books of recommendations upon diabetes treatment

The leading doctor of the Kherson Center of diabetic foot treatment Victor M. Handziuk has published the book of recommendations for people ill with sugar diabetes. The book is also helpful for new centers of the diabetes treatment and for people interested in the topic. You can order it right now!


Center of diabetic foot syndrome treatment is established in Kherson.

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In August, 30 2001 Center of diabetic foot treatment was established in Kherson (Ukraine). 483 persons ill with sugar diabetes underwent medical treatment during the time of existence of the center. Details

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